Friday, May 16, 2014

Some fun stuff - THE BRIDGE FROM ME TO YOU

My next YA novel comes out in a little over two months. Eep!!

You can read some more about the book HERE.

A couple of fun things happened this week. The first professional review is in, from Kirkus, and it's a good one! The review itself is a teensy bit spoilerish, so if you don't like being spoiled about anything, don't click over. Some people don't mind, so if that's you, you can go HERE and check out the review. The reviewer seemed to really get the book, which isn't always the case, so I'm happy about that. The main pull line from the review is "lovely in its details."

I love the word lovely, so yay!

The other thing is it's featured in the Scholastic online fall preview, which is made with librarians and booksellers in mind. It is so fun to see editors sitting around books and a plate of cookies talking about my book. Pinch me!

I can't embed the video here, you have to go to the page and watch it. If you click on the complete preview video, you can go to about the 28:00 mark to watch. Or, scroll down the page to the YA only video and click that.

I believe there will be a giveaway soon on goodreads for an Advanced Review Copy or two, so stay tuned for that!

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