Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just two more weeks!

It is almost mid-May. That is so crazy. But also good. May, June, July, August and September are my favorite months of the year. I wake up happy, because there is light and there will be light for many hours in the day. Light, you light up my life. Seriously.

And all the color too - color me happy!

So, I'm working on a final read-through of the fourth CHARMED LIFE book, Hannah's Bright Star, and I can't believe this series is almost over for me. I love the people in these books, especially the main characters: Caitlin, Mia, Libby and Hannah. Maybe it's strange to say I love the characters I created, but I do. What can I say, I am a little bit strange. So, whatever.

Now I just have to sit and wait and hope readers love them too.

One of the hard things about writing for kids is that kids grow up. The kids who read and loved It's Raining Cupcakes when it came out back in 2010 are now four years older - twelve, thirteen, or fourteen years old. They're checking out books on the teen shelves now, which is great! Yay, keep reading!! But I sit here now wondering, will these new books find a new audience of kids who like reading about families and friendship?

I hope so.

It's going to be especially hard to be done with the fourth book, because it's probably the most special one of all to me. Hannah lives on a farm in Tennessee, and in my mind, and the way I wrote it, it's the farm where my grandparents lived. It's the farm where I spent many happy times.

There's a scene where Hannah's grandpa comes outside, wearing his red- and-black plaid wool coat and a cowboy hat, and he tells her a story to kind of make a point with something she's struggling with. I started tearing up because my grandpa sometimes wore a red-and-black plaid wool coat and a cowboy hat. I could hear his voice as I read, as if he was telling that story, and you know, maybe he kind of was. He and my grandma are no longer with us, the farm is up for sale, but here, in Hannah's story, they kind of live on. I love that.

So yeah...two more weeks. Eep!

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