Friday, May 30, 2014


People who aren't authors probably don't understand the anxiety that comes along with waiting for the professional reviews to come in.

The thing is, we know that teens who read our books mostly don't care about reviews. But the gatekeepers - the librarians, the teachers, maybe even the parents - often do care. Some of my books haven't been liked by all of the professional review publications, but I still have teens who enjoy my books. A review is still just *one* person's opinion, and I totally understand that. I really try NOT to let a bad review get me down (easier said than done when you first read the biting words -- chocolate helps).

Still, when a library only has a limited budget every year to buy new books, they are going to have to be careful about how they spend that money. There are SO many YA novels published every year and a good review is going to help a book stand out from the crowd a little bit.

So we fret a little in the months leading up to the publication date, hoping the book gets at least one good review. Because it really can make a difference in getting noticed.

So far, Kirkus, Publisher's Weekly and School Library Journal have all reviewed THE BRIDGE FROM ME TO YOU and have some nice things to say. Thought I'd share a little bit of those reviews with you.

Release date: 7/29/14

Publisher's Weekly has this to say about Lauren and Colby - "two kind, generous teens -- one burdened by her past, the other burdened by his future."

School Library Journal says, "the alternating chapters of Lauren’s poetry and Colby’s conversational prose are well written and help reveal the characters refreshingly unique perspectives, as well as their growth in positive ways."

Kirkus says, "Lovely in its details."

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Did I mention that it's highlighted in the fall online Scholastic preview? You can check out the video at (scroll down the page to find the Young Adult portion, if you don't want to watch the whole thing.)

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  1. The Bridge from Me to You is a quiet and beautiful story. It was a fast read that was told in half-verse (maybe a bit less than half) and had me enraptured immediately.

    Mar C. of College Reine Marie