Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five

1. Vampire Diaries was like WHOA this week. So much going on, my little brain could hardly keep up! My take-away for my writing - keep your reader guessing. Predictability is not as fun as BIG SURPRISES.

2. Every time I watch VD, I am in awe of Nina's (Elana's) tall, thin legs. I can't help but think how fun it must be to shop if you are tall and thin like that. I am sick of all of my clothes, and yet, just the thought of going shopping causes me to break out into hives. I'm SO tired of shopping for clothes for my short and, um, curvy self. 

3. I have been doing cleaning projects around my house this week. All of the window tracks have been cleaned. The toy room was cleaned out so my oldest son can move in there (my boys have shared a room all of this time because they wanted to!) Today I get to clean the refrigerator. So excited (not).

4. The sun is shining today, which means after the fridge is clean and shiny, I can reward myself with a nice, long walk. March was so wet and gray. My husband said he read somewhere that it rained every day in March except one. I'm so ready for summer I can't even tell you.

5. I'm going to wake up tomorrow and start a new book. It is a book with the best title ever. There is nothing better than a great title to get me excited about writing. I haven't written anything book-wise for a couple of months, so it's time!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love Vampire Diaries. This season has been so full of surprises! I couldn't believe where they're taking Matt's character and Rick's