Friday, March 4, 2011

The Friday Five

1. Tonight I get to see these guys with my friend Suzanne Young. I'm SO excited. Do you know who they are? I'll be the one in the audience yelling, "I love you, Johnny!"

2. Today I'm practicing my presentations for next week. I'm traveling to central Washington for a school visit and a student writing conference. Oh, and I'm taking the train! I've never done Amtrak before, so I'm excited! People tell me I will love it. I'm not a fan of flying, especially on a small plane, so this seemed like the logical solution.

3. My 13 YO son is home sick today with a fever. I wonder if he'll sit and watch my presentations? I highly doubt it.

4. GMA just did *another* story on Charlie Sheen. So, does Charlie Sheen realize so many people are following him on twitter because it is like watching a train wreck? Does he care? (I am not one of those one million people, by the way. I really just wish he would go away, honestly.)

5. I really want to see the movie BEASTLY. Alix Flinn, the author of the YA novel from which the movie comes from, blogged yesterday that the book enters its second week as the number one NYT bestselling children's paperback. So wonderful to see good things happen to a hardworking YA author!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. 1. I am afraid I don't know who those three guys are...

    2. I love taking trains but haven't actually taken Amtrak yet.

    3. Yay for Alix Flinn.

    4. If you can do your presentation in front of your 13 YO, you can do it in front of anyone!

    5. My daughter is re-reading cupcakes today!

  2. Oo... I'll go see Beastly! I have the book here.