Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

all Chilean miners are free - yay!!
a *gorgeous* autumn day yesterday
the ability to spend most of a sunny day outside because, for now, I can
tea and cookies
people who say thank you
good books
sweet boys
nice husband
happy pets
Joshua Radin - my new musical discovery and obsession
wonderful books on the Children's NBA finalist list, including Kathy Erskine's MOCKINGBIRD
Portuguese rights sold to I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME
and spaghetti
always spaghetti!


  1. He he. Love it! I am thankful today for:
    My amazing husband
    Snuggles from my girls
    Giggles and silly dances
    Birds chirping
    Gossip Girl season 2 dvd waiting to be watched when I hop on my treadmill
    homemade mashed potatoes and meatloaf on tap tonight
    a good writing day yesterday
    inspiration from so many sources, right when I need it

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Happy, happy day. Congrats on the Portuguese rights and all the other celebrations!

  3. I also said a quick prayer of thanks when I heard the Miners had gotten out.
    Also thankful for:
    that bird that used to sing a different song each morning for me when I was milking my cow
    A full week of school for the kids
    and the change of the seasons.
    Congrats on the Portugese rights!

  4. Tim Riggins Edition – Love it! I’m also thankful that the northwest is offering a few more days of sunshine before turning unbearable. And also tea and cookies go together just as well, if not better, than milk and cookies. Great post.