Friday, August 13, 2010

It's like going back in time

In less than a month, I have another book coming out!!

LITTLE CHIMP'S BIG DAY officially releases September 7th. I'll be signing books at the Pacific Northwest Bookseller's Association, and my publicist is working on setting up a signing at my local Barnes and Noble, so I can invite friends and family.

It's feels strange turning my attention to this book, because I wrote it many, many years ago. I remember I was baby sitting for a little boy one evening, something I did alongside my home-based business to bring in some income, and this line popped into my head: In a jungle, in a tree sits a little chimpanzee. And so the story was born. Looking at this book is like looking back at a younger version of myself. In a lot of ways, I don't feel like that author anymore.

I can remember a time when I thought, writing a novel would be way too hard, I'll never do that. Ha!! Now I'm like, I don't know if I'll ever write another picture book. I'm pretty sure I had to write 100 bad ones to write 2-3 good ones.

But you know, really, I'm all about writing what my heart wants to write. That's what I've always done. That's what I'll continue to do.

Not quite sure why my heart wanted to write about a baby chimp all those years ago, but it did. And now it will be a book that I hope some children enjoy!!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I remember this story well! I'm so happy for you...and I can't wait to pick it up next month when it comes out!

    :-) Jess

  2. It looks like a darling book. :-)