Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting my dork on in honor of MOCKINGJAY

PIctures from last night's MOCKINGJAY party at Powell's (note: not so much a party as a line). But hanging out with Suzanne Young and Sara of Novel Novice made it fun like a party. And at midnight, that line moved FAST.

As I contemplated going last night, I realized we had a bow and some arrows, complete with a quiver. How could I not dress up and channel my inner Katniss? Oh yes I did! Suzanne Collins would be proud of me, don't you think?

Here's the three of us. Every time we tried to curl in close for a picture, my hat poked them.

Some of the line outside of Powell's. It wrapped all the way around the building. Lots of people!

Here's Suz and Sara refreshing their memories, getting ready to read the new one!

Once inside, the books were in a BIG cornucopia.

People from the Capitol were there to assist in the book distribution.

I never stay up late, so it feels like quite an accomplishment, having stayed up until one a.m. But what better reason than for a book, huh?

Happy reading everyone!


  1. You look fab as a huntress-Katniss, and what a fun party! I pre-ordered late and now I wait.....

  2. Great pics. I preordered because I wanted a hard copy, but I downloaded it to my Nook as soon as it was available. I'm midway through and I think it's brilliant! The writer in me keeps going YES! PERFECT!

  3. Looks like fun! Oh, and I love your outfit. Happy reading!

  4. The huge cornucopia is cool. As is the outfit you wore (although I already said so on Twitter, it bears repeating) as is the outfit from the Capitol.

  5. Great post--even greater costume :) Our bookstore didn't have MOCKINGJAY this morning. My kids were crushed. Happily, the copies were on the shelves this afternoon so, after a second trip to bookstore, there is silence in the house as they race through the pages (admitting it--bought 2 copies so I can get one faster)! - Stasia

  6. Looks like you guys had a blast. I wish I could have went to an event!

    But I'm so excited about the book! Finally, it's here and so far it's great.

    Love your costume. :)

  7. What fun! I pre-ordered my copy online, so hopefully it will be here before the weekend. I can't wait!