Monday, July 19, 2010

Motivational Monday - Clean-A-Room-A-Day week

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. ~Author Unknown

I'm posting this picture to make all of you who are like me, with an office that hasn't been cleaned for far too long, feel better. Because our desks may be bad, but they aren't THAT bad. Are they???

Anyway, if you're interested, I'm declaring this week Clean-A-Room-A-Day week!

Doesn't that sound like FUN!?!?

I know, some of you are busy writing. In that case, the house cleaning can wait. I feel like I've been writing for six months non-stop, and I'm taking a break now until September rolls around.

If you want to join in, all you have to do is pick one room a day to clean and declutter. Today I'm tackling the kitchen which includes the desk in the corner where I throw all the stuff that needs to be filed or looked at "later." Oh yeah, fun times. I figure it'll take me a good three hours. But then it's done, and I can sit on my patio and read with a cold glass of iced tea by my side. Ahhhhh....

Tomorrow, I'll tackle my office.

But no jumping ahead. One room at a time. One day at a time. It's how I work best.

Happy Monday!


  1. Great idea! I tackled the playroom today and got my son to donate a bunch of his toys.

  2. That is so ironic.. because I was planning a clean a room a day this week anyways.. cause seriously... this place is going to look like that picture if I don't work on it lol. Thanks for the fun motivational pic!

  3. Ah, yes, a newsroom. I know those desks well, having worked years in news. Some people's desks were almost this bad in my office, and my own had serious piles. One reason is news people keep press releases and typed interview notes as backup should they be challenged, but also because the workload is so packed that it's always about meeting the next deadline, not about being tidy. Even so, most of us cleaned up from time to time. And then there were those.....
    Thanks for the memory (I think) and good luck earning that glass of iced tea.

  4. I'm in throw out mode with my move coming Thursday. It's amazing the number of places my boys have stashed Mardi Gras beads: under the fridge and stove, in their toy baskets, in the closet, in the library book basket...

    My little guy won't know what to do with himself come spring; in all his schooling, he's had a week off for Mardi Gras (Cajuns luv a good party).

    I've had a lot of positive response from your interview today. Thanks again!

  5. I guess count me in. Saturday I cleaned like crazy in one kids room and then today my other child's room. Oh the play room is next! Good good cleaning before the kids start school.... ah! I love rooms in order. :)

  6. I am two for two - did my office yesterday! Today I get to tackle the upstairs bathrooms. And I'm making my kids help me. Mwah-ha-ha.