Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On not being perfect

Yesterday, I tried to channel Sheryl Crow.

See, a sweet book blogger named Briana (aka The Book Pixie) did a lovely review of FAR FROM YOU awhile back. Her blogaversary is coming up, and she decided to highlight books she loved that haven't gotten a lot of attention, and FAR FROM YOU was one of them she wanted to give away. On twitter one night we were chatting back and forth and I said, you know, I've put music to the song that FAR FROM YOU ends with (Alice, the main character is a singer/songwriter). I told her, maybe if I get brave, I can record it for your celebration.

Well, she didn't let me forget that conversation! So yesterday, I sat down with the music, my guitar, and my computer and I recorded myself playing and singing the song.

It's not that great. I haven't been playing the guitar very long and I still struggle with switching chords. I have to look at my hands a lot, not to mention that I can't even play the whole C chord yet (grumble, grumble, grumble).

But I sent it to her anyway. She said both her and her mom watched it, they really liked it, and it's scheduled to go up on her blog May 10th. But she also said she could tell I haven't been playing that long and I was kind of nervous.

Yeah. In other words - it's not perfect. Far from it!!! But she is so excited I did this for her.

On the one hand, I'm a big believer in working hard and becoming the best you can be. But I also think it's okay to NOT be perfect. To have fun and enjoy life and be okay with where we are with our skills and talents at any given time. I can work on my playing and my singing, and in a year, I probably would do a much better job. But she's celebrating now, and featuring FAR FROM YOU now. So I did the best I could, and I have no regrets. I made her really happy by doing this, and isn't that more important than worrying that I'm not perfect?


  1. Of course it is; making me happy is the most important thing in the world. :P lol. j/k. I actually liked that I could tell you were nervous because it made you seem more real and human. I don't like perfect people; they make me feel insecure. lol. I really am so proud of you and can't wait for people to see the video on the 10th. :D


  2. What a sweet, brave thing for you to do for her! And thank you for writing this post. I have a struggle with thinking if I'm not perfect I'm no good, which is ridiculous. I need to remember what you say--enjoy life and work at improving what I have.

  3. Perfect is overrated. Can't wait to watch it. You are so brave.

  4. You are a powerful example to all of us who hesitate to face our insecurities. Yay you!! :-)

  5. Briana - you make me laugh. And I am human, so I'm glad my video shows that. If only I could be a human like Sheryl Crow - ha!!

    Tricia - I think a lot of writers tend to be perfectionists, so you're not alone!

    Stephanie - I think I'm old. I've gotten to the point where I'm like, so I look stupid, who cares?

    Shannon - What can I say, that Madonna episode on Glee last week really got to me. I had to let my Gleeky self out a little bit! :)

  6. Perfection is the enemy of progress....or something like that.

    I think it is awesomely cool that you did this.

    Talk about an author who pays it forward!