Friday, April 2, 2010

Five things on a Friday

1. Looks to be a rainy weekend here. I have lots of cleaning, shopping and cooking to do, so for the most part, I don't mind. However, I do hope the rain pauses for awhile Sunday morning, so we can do our annual Easter egg hunt!

2. I have such happy memories of Easters past. It's a holiday where I really, REALLY miss my grandparents, as they were always a part of it. Definitely bittersweet.

3. I hope to attend two author events in the next few days - Kimberly Derting, author of the YA novel THE BODY FINDER, will be at Powell's on Saturday and Gayle Forman, author of the YA novel IF I STAY, will be at Powell's on Monday! I will make sure to take pictures (assuming I don't forget my camera, which happens about 50% of the time) and report back next week!!

4. You can watch my TV debut here, if you are curious. I was more nervous right before watching it than I was before actually DOING it.  But, thankfully, it's not too bad.

5. For those of you who celebrate, I wish you a happy, joyous Easter, filled with chocolate.


  1. I loved your TV debut! You definitely did not need to be nervous at all, it was a wonderful interview!

    It was great to see you at Kimberly Derting's signing event yesterday. A few of my photos turned out really cute (particularly the one of you with Kimberly and Suzanne). I will be posting that one with my signing report tomorrow.

    Hope you are having a very happy Easter! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, you're a natural! You were so calm and well-spoken. Great debut!!!

    Hope you had a great time at the signings and a happy weekend!