Monday, June 8, 2009

Reminiscing about the good old days

When my first son was born waaay back in 1994, the internet had just started to take off. We didn't even have a computer at home then. I would come home from work and play with, feed, and bathe the baby. Mmmm, if you close your eyes, you can almost smell that baby, can't you? :)

I was wondering last night, as I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, if parents today are playing as much with their babies, when the pull of the internet is always there. Do parents keep their iphone by their side at all times, afraid they might miss something?

And then I started thinking, what, exactly, are we afraid of missing? Or maybe it's not that, maybe it's just that the internet is fun? I know a lot of people love facebook and think it's fun. But is it really THAT fun? Is reading blogs fun?

My husband and I were talking about it this weekend and I said, you know what I think is fun? Life! Going for a walk, watching a sunset, reading a good book on the patio, watching a funny movie, meeting a friend for dinner, etc.

And I know we all still do those things. But are we doing them as much?

I guess sometimes, I just long for those evenings when my family played and played together and no one ever thought about the computer. My kids love the computer. They're always being pulled back to it. And for some reason, one I can't even really explain, so am I. It's that feeling that I might be missing something.

I envy people who don't experience that pull. I have one friend who can go days without checking e-mail. As an author, is it possible in this day and age to be successful without being on-line much? Can we sell books without networking, on-line interviews, and contests? I have some thoughts on that I think I'll share tomorrow.

In the meantime, think I'll go for a walk. Maybe do a little writing. And try to ignore that pull...


  1. I completely understand. I am addicted to checking my email and Google Reader, even when I'm sure nothing is there.

    My family was the first on our block to own a computer (I'm 26 and we got it when I was in elementary school). I remember back then I only used the computer to play games like Oregon Trail, Bouncing Babies, and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.

    I still have time to watch movies and take part in other leisurely activities, but wish I would devote more time to those things and back away from the computer for a bit.

  2. This is something I've been thinking about lately, and struggling with.

    I spend so much time reading blogs, writing, and checking my e-mail when that time really should belong to my children.

    I'm working on time management and trying to learn how to disconnect. It's a rare moment I'm not feeling like I need to be at my computer - I really wish I could overcome that and go back to the days I didn't spare the Internet a thought.

    Thanks, Lisa. It's good to know that others feel that pull and feel the need to let go.