Monday, June 1, 2009

Before I say hello to June...

I need to say good-bye to May.

It was a good month. A fun month. A VERY SUNNY month!! And a month with a lot of happy things going on.

The month started out on a positive note. On May first, my editor sent me a final round of small revisions on CHASING BROOKLYN. In that e-mail he said, among other kind things that I hold close to my heart, "I really think this is your best book yet!" Big. Happy. Sigh.

So, I got a new camera for Mother's Day, a Canon PowerShot digital elph. I ♥ it! It's small, red, VERY cute, and fits in my purse. Plus, no more battery issues, since it comes with its own little square battery and a charger for said battery.

So, thanks to said camera, I have some pictures to share!

We went to the Oregon garden for Mother's Day.

My son had a picture he drew in Art class featured in a special display at the mall. We were very proud, of course!

My brother got married!!

My kids had SO much fun dancing at the reception. Okay, okay, me too!

Ended the month with the Bridget Zinn auction. Here I am with Suzanne Young (author of the upcoming series THE NAUGHTY LIST), Emily Whitman (author of RADIANT DARKNESS), and Lisa Madigan (author of the upcoming FLASH BURNOUT). I didn't take a picture of Bridget, but I talked to her for awhile. She looks great and she's keeping a positive attitude.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you all the fun things I have planned for the summer, some of them author related!

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