Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer, summer, summer!

Yay!! My three favorite months are here!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids still have 9 days of school left, but the end is in sight and we're so glad!

Yesterday when I went to pick up my son (it's a Monday thang) I couldn't believe it when my favorite strawberry stand was all set up and in business. I didn't expect to see it for another week at least. But all this sunny weather we've been having helped to ripen them right up.

Strawberries remind me of my grandma, of the times we went picking in the fields together, of the bowls and bowls and BOWLS of strawberry shortcake we shared, of the jam she used to make. So when I ate the first one, I thought, this one's for you, Grandma.

My summer will be fun and busy! We have a vacation to Disney World coming up. Shortly after that, we're staying at a gorgeous beach house over fourth of July weekend.

THEN, after that, I'm going to ALA in Chicago!! I'm so excited because the YALSA coffee klatch (mostly for authors with books on the Quick Pick list, which I HEART YOU is, or popular paperback list) was full, but they rearranged some things to get those of us on the wait list in!! It'll be me and 30+ other authors (including Laurie Halse Anderson, Sarah Dessen, Richard Peck, Libba Bray and many others - ack!) talking it up about our books with 250+ librarians in a speed-dating fashion. I'm excited to meet them, but I'm also excited to meet some of you who I've come to know and love on-line.

Look, I've been working on my take-your-own-picture skills, so I can take one when I meet you! (This was yesterday after a hot and humid run while I was trying to cool off).

Finally, when I found a hundred dollar ticket to LA for the SCBWI conference, I couldn't say no! So I'll be doing that in August! I'm taking the week off work to spend time with my boys, so they get their fill of me before I go jetting off again.

Of course it wouldn't be summer without a pile of good books and my favorite summer shows. Big Brother premiers July 9th and Army Wives premieres THIS Sunday, June 7th.

Summer is here! Let's celebrate!!!


  1. I breathe a sigh of relief in June. Looooove summer!

  2. Oh my I'm totally craving strawberries right now! Thanks! haha.

    Grocery list:

    cool whip
    angel food cake

  3. Cool! Can't wait to meet you in L.A.!!!

    I'm jealous of your $100 ticket.


  4. You'll be in LA?! YAY! Can't wait to meet you!!!

    I'll be with SF with bells on :-)