Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back from Vacation

Hey there! Happy summer!! Hope you are having a good one.

We went on a little vacation to central Oregon last week and stayed in a house at Sunriver Resort where we went on lots of bike rides, walked and hiked along the Deschutes River, ate delicious ice cream, and stood on a bridge in awe of the beautiful sunsets. Oh, and at the end of the trip, we drove to Crater Lake to see that gorgeous piece of work.

I'm busy with revisions on my 2015 YA novel right now, but after that I will have some fun posts to share as we move closer to the release date of THE BRIDGE FROM ME TO YOU!

For now, a few pretty pictures.

Ha, had to sneak that last one in there. Came home to a finished copy my editor had sent me. Nice way to end a vacation. :)

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