Friday, October 12, 2012

Forget Me Not Ghost Tour

Welcome to STOP #5 of Carolee Deans

FORGET ME NOT is a paranormal verse novel about a young girl, Ally Cassell, who makes a rash and desperate decision after compromising photos are texted around the school. She finds herself on an abandoned hallway of Raven Valley High School, writing in her journal, trying to figure out what went wrong. Shes made a habit of writing letters to Ernest Hemingway. She has too many secrets to share with anyone else and she knows she can confide in him, since hes dead. Besides, he wrote in a Moleskine notebook just like she does.

I read an Advanced Review Copy of this book and I really enjoyed it. There are lots of twists and turns to the plot and the last 1/3 of the book really took my breath away.

I highly recommend it to teens ages 14 and up, especially if you enjoy verse novels. Carolee is a brilliant writer.

Heres an excerpt from Ally's journal followed by an interview with Ernest Hemingway. 


I keep in the back
pocket of my jeans.

Its just like the one
Hemingway used to write in,
before he blew out his brains.

Its filled with poems
and letters to Ernest.

I started writing to him
in September,
when everything started
with Davis.
Ernest was dead,
so I knew
he could keep a secret.

Maybe if I tell him what happened, 
hell help me figure out what to do.

I dont even know where to start,
but I open the notebook anyway,
because I dont have anywhere to go,
and I know, its gonna be
                                     a long,
                                              long day.

 (from pg. 25 of FORGET ME NOT by Carolee Dean copyright 2012)
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LISA: What do you think about the fact that Allys been writing to you, even though youve been dead since 1961.

ERNEST: I feel sorry for the poor kid. She needs to get a life. Writing to old dead guys like me isnt healthy.

LISA: That seems a little harsh. She thinks youre the only one she can confide in.

ERNEST: You noticed I never wrote her back.

LISA: I dont think she expected you to.

ERNEST: Thats good. Expectations usually disappoint you.

LISA: You seem a little testy.

ERNEST: I guess I resent the whole Nine Circles of Raven Valley High concept.

LISA: Are you referring to the poem that was on stop number one of the ghost tour?

ERNEST: Yes. I understand the basic idea. People who died in and around the school grounds gravitate to one of the nine circles based on how they met their end, but what about the rest of us?

LISA: Who are you talking about?

ERNEST: Dead poets and authors.

LISA: Are you saying there are dead poets and authors at Raven Valley High School?

ERNEST: I'm saying there are dead poets and authors at every high school.

LISA: Where?

ERNEST: In the library. If you want to talk to dead people, that's where I suggest you start. You don't need special powers or a near death experience to be able to hear us, just go open a book.

Well, youve heard it straight from Ernest. If you want to hear what dead poets and authors have to say, you know where to look. 

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