Thursday, December 16, 2010

Did you celebrate?

Did you know there's a National Cupcake Day? I didn't find out until about noon yesterday, thanks to the powers of twitter!

December 15th is NATIONAL CUPCAKE DAY!

I hope you were able to celebrate. And if not, well, you have a second chance because today is National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day!! And no, I'm not joking. Would I joke about something as serious as chocolate?


  1. What?! Lol no wonder i wanted cupcakes all day yesterday...oh wait. that's everyday.

    Btw Lisa, I just reviewed Chasing Brooklyn on my blog and I loved it! I need to get I heart You, You Haunt Me ASAP :-)

  2. Oh no! I missed both! I missed the opportunity to celebrate cupcakes and chocolate. I will just have to have a belated celebration in their honor :-)

    Happy Holidays, Lisa!