Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I need me some cuteness

Awwwww... so cute!!

Yes, it's desperately needed this morning.

I've had a cold for a week now. I thought this weekend I was getting better, but it's went into my chest and I'm coughing and you know - just don't feel good.

And then there's the rain. It WON'T STOP. I really, REALLY need some sun. Like stat.

OOH, "stat" made me think of a hospital, which made me think of Grey's Anatomy. Did you watch the finale? It was two hours of me not breathing!! I'm not sure that kind of thing should be on TV, honestly. It was SUPER intense. Scary. And something I wouldn't want crazy people to watch and think, ooh, I should do that.

Another scary thought - going back to work. I'm still subscribed to a yahoo group for HR professionals in my area. A job came through this morning that would be perfect for me. Trying to decide if I should apply. Yes, I love being an author. Yes, I love everything about being home. Yes, I'm looking forward to spending the summer with my boys. But no, I don't like worrying about money. Especially as I watch the stock market take a nose dive this morning, thinking of our retirement funds. I don't know what to do!!! 

Quick, more cuteness!!

pictures courtesy of morguefile.com


  1. HA! This post really makes me wish we lived closer together so we could meet at Dairy Queen and commiserate over ice cream.

    I know EXACTLY how you feel about going back to work. I don't want a day job, but sadly this whole writing thing hasn't made me rich...um....yet. Unfortunately, I think I'd have better odds of being a millionaire if I started playing the lottery.

    Yet, in spite of my bitching and moaning, I love my life. Really love it. And if I'm being honest, I want everything to stay exactly as it is. Only with better shoes.

  2. How did you know Dairy Queen is my most favorite place EVER???

    I love my life too. Money isn't everything, right? I got some cute shoes at Ross Dress for Less last week for only $16.99!!!

  3. Cuteness makes everything better. And you're coming to So Cal soon--we have lots of sun here! So far it's not even too hot.

    But I'm sorry you're sick and stressed. I know those days. I usually try to focus on what really matters: my husband, my cats, my relative good health, friends, family, and of course, hope.

    If there's anything I can do let me know!

  4. I know where you're coming from Lisa. I used to have a low impact job teaching while I wrote. I had time and freedom but I was always worried about money. Now I have a 9 to 5. No money worries but the writing time is tighter and I feel a little more stressed. It's a tough call.

    But! Take a look at this. This is all the cute you or anyone else will ever need. Two words. Baby. Sloth.


  5. This is one of the best sites for cuteness.