Friday, March 19, 2010

Good News Friday

I wish I was talented in the graphics department, because I'd love to have a fun graphic with a cupcake on it or something. But alas, that is one of many areas where I don't have the talent I wish I did.

So, we'll use this one for today. I know, I know, it's meant for a different kind of good news, but that's okay.

Yes, I want to start a Good News Club. And ANYONE can join. Did you get good news this week? Or are you happy with how things are going, and would like to share? It doesn't have to be BIG good news. It can be the fact that you accomplished what you wanted to this week. Maybe you got a request for a manuscript. Maybe you had a helpful critique. Whatever it is, share with us, please!!!

I love hearing good news. It makes me happy. It fills me with hope. So, come one, come all and share the good news - ha!! And have a cupcake - you deserve one!!

I will start. My agent wrote this to me about the YA novel I just completed - "I LOVE this book." So now, we wait, hoping for more good news.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. That's awesome good news, Lisa. For me, the plot clicked together for a new project. And I got my first partial request from a cold query, which is a step forward for me. :)

  2. Your writing is just soaring these days - that's awesome! I finished the most recent revisions of my chapter book WIP and am waiting for crit. feedback.

  3. Oh, I'm so taking one of those cupcakes!! yay on the good news!

    I got the good news that my publisher decided on my newest book. Woo hoo!

    Great idea, Lisa! Now we can all TGIF!

  4. I got some news of the publishing variety...tiny good news, but it might turn into big news.

    Plus, I have 2 of your books on my nightstand! Chasing and Cupcakes...


    I can't say I'm SURPRISED--everything you write is wonderful and worthy of LOVE (in all caps). But still, huge congrats.

    And ooo, ooo...I want to be in the good news club!!! But...I can't share mine yet. *pouts* Can I join next week?

  6. Lisa, YAY! for your good news. :)

    I love this post. I have some good news that I can't share yet, but I am smiling. Despite having had a migraine ALL DAY and despite having lost the whole day to that. Despite being tired & there being some rough patches in my life... I still got some wonderful news that is making me smile.


  7. what a happy way to cap the week. and the cupcakes? I so want one...

    good news this week? my babe had the BEST week - and no t.v. not ONCE!

    not too serious i hope

  8. congrats on your good news and yummmmmy - cupcakes!

  9. That is great news Lisa! That Sara, she's a smart cookie. I'm actually a fairly new client of her's myself and this Friday we completed an auction that lead me to a fantastic two book deal! Woo-Hoo!