Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday - not a rerun

1. Thankful for the season - Christmas is so fun!

2. Thankful for messages. I found this in my e-mail archives, from when Mary still sent out daily inspirations. I hadn't remembered that I'd saved it - I happened to come across it yesterday. I believe the timing is too good to be an accident. As I count down the days left at the day job (16 working days!), it comes at a perfect time.

"God intends for us to live in prosperity: to enjoy rewarding relationships and fulfilling careers. God never intended that we drudge through the day and come home to collapse on the sofa, too tired to appreciate those around us. As co-creators, however, we have to make a decision for prosperity. If we don't decide to prosper, we unconsciously choose limitation and scarcity. All the abundance in the world is available to us, once we open ourselves to God." - Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey

3. Thankful for librarians and booksellers. Fuse #8 did a wonderful recap of the S&S librarian preview and IT'S RAINING CUPCAKES is there, cover and everything. Cool!

4. Thankful for ebay. Won TWO auctions this week, for hard to find items that is going to make someone very happy Christmas morning.

5. Thankful for books. I have read some AMAZING ones lately.

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season!! As always, I'm thankful for you too!


  1. don't you just love DANI NOIR???? awesome.

    I am glad to see your thankful list. Mine has been on my mind lately and I planned to post between the holidays of Christmas & New Years. There is something refreshing & fulfilling when you list out our many blessings. It is even more smile worthy when I think about the many things that I don't even notice are blessings in my life.

    Thanks for sharing Lisa!

  2. Thankful lists are the best!

    I'm thankful for the upcoming Christmas holiday, my three children, and the multitude of new blogging friends I've made and come to adore! ;-)

  3. Ooh! I have How to Say Goodbye in Robot sitting on my bookshelf! Can't wait to start reading!