Monday, December 14, 2009

Before the sale, there were many rejections...

A month of mostly reruns continues. This was actually in a locked post, a handy livejournal feature, so only friends could see it. It was locked because it's really not a good idea to blog much about rejections, since you never know who is reading. But now that the book is published, well, perhaps it will give some of you a bit of hope!

Don't forget, I have a month of AWESOMENESS planned for January, so stay tuned for details on that...coming soon!!


(originally posted at livejournal on 7/3/06)

One of the things I made myself do this year was apply for the SCBWI Martha Weston grant. That's the one where if you win, you have to use the money to attend the SCBWI conference. I got an e-mail today that 43 people applied, and I didn't win. I suppose I didn't really expect to win, but it would have been so great to go and see some of you there!

I also got a very nice rejection from an editor on my verse novel. She wrote:

"Thank you for sending me I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME, which I enjoyed reading.

I think your voice is strong and you really get at the nuances of a teenage girl grieving for her boyfriend. The ghost element certainly adds a fresh twist to a familiar subject. Even so, while I admire aspects of the project, I'm afraid that Ava didn't quite pull me into her story as much as I had hoped. Of course, this is only one reaction..."

I think this is the fifth rejection in the past week I've gotten (not all on this project). That string can stop ANYTIME now, thank you very much.

I think I'll go make myself a strawberry daquiri now. I'm tired and thirsty and I think that will just hit the spot.


  1. I have a novel-in-verse on submission right now. Lovely to read your rejection knowing your work sold.

  2. Thank you for sharing-this is SO inspiring. As I get closer and closer to entering the Query Wars it's nice to know that my favorite writers had to overcome rejection too. And I may have to copy you on that daquiri idea. Mmmm....