Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or treat CONTEST!!

Want some signed CHASING BROOKLYN bookmarks? Release date is just a little over two months away - scary!!

Want a chance to win the highly coveted ARC BEAUTIFUL CREATURES by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl?

Or perhaps you might like both?

Simply go trick or treating in the comments and let me know what you'd like to be entered for, bookmarks, the ARC, or both.

Ten people will win signed bookmarks for you to pass out to friends, librarians, teachers, your classroom, whatever. If you win, I'll ask you how many you want - you can have anywhere from 5 to 30.

*ONE* of these ten will also get a little something extra from Moonstruck Chocolates - YUM!!!

And another person will win an ARC of this book, not released until December 1, 2009:

Holly Black, NYT bestselling author, has this to say about BEAUTIFUL CREATURES - "A lush Southern gothic whose memorable, eccentric characters draw you into their captivating world."

Winners will be drawn Monday, November 2nd, 9 am PST.

(for some more Halloween fun, make sure you check out Lindsey Leavitt's vlog. It's SPOOKY!!!!

Ready, set, GO - trick or treat!!! (cross posted at livejournal - you can enter here or there)


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  2. *dons Marie Antionette costume*
    Trick or treat!!

    I would love the ARC first, but I would also be joyful with bookmarks to hand out. -) (Halloween alien smilie).

    (sorry about that first comment - I can't bear mispellings)

  3. Both, both, both! If I happen to win the arc I'll happily review it on my blog and amazon. Happy halloween!

  4. If I were trick-or-treating I would probably be dressed as a 50s girl because I've always wanted to do that.

    I'd like to be entered to win some of your bookmarks! If I'm lucky enough to win, I'll keep a couple, give away a few on my blog, and give the rest to my library!

  5. Trick Or Treat! I would love to win the arc or the bookmarks!!

    Your awesome!

  6. I would love to win both!!!
    then I can use the booksmarks to hold a page in the ARC! =D

    Happy Halloween!

  7. *stumbles to door*
    I would love to be entered for both.
    Happy Halloween!
    Love & Best Wishes,

  8. I'd love to be entered for both!! I love swag! I cant wait to read Beautiful Creatures and BTW, Chasing Brooklyn should arrive today!

  9. Trick or Treat! Yes, please, I'd like to enter your House of Fun.

  10. I'd dress up as tinkerbell :) I love fairy wings!

    I'd like to be entered for both the ARC and the bookmarks please!

    Still can't believe tomorrow is Halloween (and the end of the month!) Hope you have a spooky halloween with mucho candy! ;D


  11. Ooh, pick me ... I mean, Trick or Treat! I'd like to enter for both please. :)

  12. Trick or treat! I'd be happy to win either one.
    Thanks! :)

  13. Happy Halloween!
    I would love to win the ARC :)


  14. *Trick or Treat*

    I would love be entered for either!!

  15. Treat please ;)

    I'd love to be entered for both - I'm dying to read Beautiful Creatures!!!!

    Spook ya later,

  16. Trick or Treat!!! BOOK STYLE! :)

    I would LOVE LOVE the ARC.
    Beautiful Creatures would make my Halloween beautiful.


  17. Trick or Treat!

    I would love to be entered for both!!
    Great contest!


  18. Oooh, both! (Laura, who is dressed as the guy from Caps for Sale. Fifty cents a ca-ap!)

  19. An ARC of Beautiful Creatures would be my first choice, but I always need bookmarks too, so that would be my second choice! :D

    (This year I got to dress two sibs for Halloween. I dressed my little bro as an upside-down guy. Like off of ABDC, if you've seen that show. Shoes on his hands and everything. :D And I made my sister a cape, so she's going as Little Bo Peep. So cute!)

    Happy Halloween!


  20. I would love to win both of course!

    Shouldbewritingnow at

  21. Trick-or-Treat!

    I'd love to win the ARC! Happy Halloween!

    Thanks :)


    2 months thats so far yet not so much. Enter me in


  23. *Walks up to your door in pirate costume*


    Trick or Treat!!!

    I would love to be entered for both. Either would make my Halloween a treat!

  24. *in a hobo costume*

    Trick or Treat. I'd like to be entered for the ARC since I already have your bookmarks :)
    Happy Halloween!

  25. *in a fairy costume*
    Trick or Treat!!

    The ARC would be my first choice, but I'd love to win both!!

    Happy Halloween, and thanks for the contest!


  26. Handing out candy this year to the kiddies!

    I'd like to be entered for some bookmarks, can't ever have enough, right?

  27. I'd love to be entered for both. Books are great, but I can always use bookmarks!

    If I were trick or treating, I'd go as a flapper like I did 2 years ago. So fun.

  28. *wears Bananach costume from Wicked Lovely*

    Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!

    I would love to win the ARC, please! :)


  29. Hmmm, don't know how I missed this yesterday.

    Oh yes, please count me for both! I'd be thrilled to spread the bookmarks around and would happily review the ARC on my blog and anywhere else. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. Both please! I am head over heels in love with BEAUTIFUL CREATURES but I had to return the ARC I borrowed. :(

    And, of course, I'm a bookmark fanatic.

    Thanks for the wonderful contest!

  31. Trick or treat I would love to enter for the arc Please i dont think i an wait until December

  32. TRICK OR TREAT!! *plonks a large, expertly carved pumpkin overflowing with all your favourite candy on your doorstep*

    [note: it is possible I'm sucking up, but for legal reasons let's not acknowledge that]

    Happy Halloween! What an awesome contest. I sooo can't wait to read Beautiful Creatures. Please enter for me both if this is open internationally!


  33. Ohh Both please. How exciting your book is comimg out!

    Lifkdasux @ aol . com

  34. Trick or Treat!!

    I would love to have both, please!

  35. Trick or treat! ARC contest, please!

    I took my kids out and wisely bundled up in a coat and long thick scarf, but if I were dressing up, I would've been Jack Sparrow...or perhaps Mr. Spock (the Leonard Nimoy version), just for fun!


  36. Trick or treat! I know it's just past Halloween, I'm sure if it's too late to enter. If I had dressed up, I would have gone as a Shadow Hunter.
    I would love book marks. We can give them away on my blog, Mundie Moms.
    The ARC for Beautiful Creatures is so good!!

  37. Trick or Treat!!!

    I would love bookmarks and the ARC! We can give the bookmarks away on our blog L8BloomerOnline!


  38. I'd like to win the ARC!!!

    paradoxreevaled (at) aim (dot) com