Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did you hear that big sigh from Oregon?

I have done this book thing before.

It does get a little easier with each book, I think. I haven't had any BIG freakouts this time around.

And yet, waiting to see what those first readers think, when only you and your editor and perhaps a couple of others at the publishing house have read the final thing, is a teeny bit nerve wracking. I mean, you just don't know what actual readers are going to think!

So yesterday, not one, but two readers shared their thoughts about CHASING BROOKLYN! And after hearing what they had to say, I breathed a happy sigh of relief.

One reader, who doesn't want to post a review until closer to the release date, e-mailed me and said, "I feel like jumping up and down from the awesomeness of this book. I loved I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME and FAR FROM YOU, but CHASING BROOKLYN totally kicked both of their butts."




The other review is over at The Compulsive Reader's blog, as she was the first stop in the Chase Across the USA contest. You can read that review HERE.

I know not all reviews will be sunshine and roses. Did you see this awesome post by Cynthia Leitich Smith about negative reviews? If not, you should read it!! And I also know better than to search for validation of my work too hard outside of myself. But I feel like now, I know it will be okay. No matter what, some readers WILL enjoy the book. I feel like I can step away and really let the book fly by itself.

it's like the baby bird stepping out to the edge of the nest, and looking around and Mama bird wanting to let him go, but also, wanting him to stay just a little longer. Finally, when he decides its time to fly away, she knows her work is done, and life goes on.

And so it does as a writer too. It's time to put my head down and work on the next project. To continue to strive to make each book better than the last, which is hard and scary and exhilarating all at the same time. But it's what we writers do, right?


  1. Great attitude, and I can't wait to read the new book. Here's a funny anecdote for you about someone who couldn't let his babies go. Another author I know was in Ireland going to booksignings with an Irish author. In one bookstore, the Irish author went to shelves where his published books were and started writing in the books notes of things he wanted to explain or change! The booksellers weren't amused. But I find it hilarious.

  2. So that's what that rush of wind was! Wow, you made it all the way to Cali! :)

    Congrats on the great reviews--I'm sure the book deserves all the praise it can get. Now if only they were selling it already so I could read it...


    (Did you hear that one? It was more of an impatient sigh, and there might have been some grumbling mixed in)

  3. WOW. Your at like.. step 27! Fantastic!

  4. That Cynsations post has stayed with me this last week. It's one I need to print and save.

  5. Hi, Lisa : ) Now I have to go out and buy one of your books, because PARANORMAL NOVELS IN VERSE?? I'm so intrigued! Which should I read first?

  6. Congrats! Chasing Brooklyn is my Waiting on Wednesday choice this week!


  7. Tricia - that IS a funny story! HA!

    Shannon - I hear ya. I actually hate having a January release. Who buys books in January? Wish it was coming out next month.

    Suzy - ha!!

    Caroline - I agree, it's a good one worth saving.

    Kiersten - Probably the first one, and the most popular one at this point, I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME. The second one is more contemporary, with just a touch of a little something special in it. :)

  8. Oh, and thanks pupleg8r, for the WoW mention - wheeee!! :)