Tuesday, May 30, 2017

KEYS TO THE CITY out today!

Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered or is planning to go this week to buy my latest middle grade novel, KEYS TO THE CITY! First week sales are important, and I appreciate everyone who makes an effort to get the book when it first comes out.

Kind of a funny story - yesterday I wanted to comment on an article that was going around about someone who insisted you have to write every day or other authors will surpass you or some crazy nonsense. I counted up my books in my head so I could show that I have a teensy bit of experience in knowing what I'm taking about when I said you don't HAVE to write every day. And when I counted, I came up with 16, so I tweeted that number out in my message. But then I realized I forgot to count the CHARMED LIFE series. So KEYS TO THE CITY is actually my 20th published book (2 picture books, 7 YA novels, and now 11 MG novels).

20!? I'm kind of in shock that I've hit that number. Wow! Truth is, I hope there are 20 more. But if I've learned anything, it's to take it one book at a time and to never take anything for granted.

And no, I don't write every day. When I'm drafting a new novel, I try to write at least a little bit every day only because reentry into the story is much easier when you haven't been away very long. But sometimes life happens and, oh well, you know? Every writer has to figure out what works best for him/her. There are no "rules" except to do what you find helpful to finish the book.

Anyway, my 20th book comes out today, and I should thank YOU for your support because authors can't keep writing unless readers keep buying and reading.

A couple of posts I've written in years past that I'm thinking about this morning.

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And another post to check out - one I wrote for the Nerdy Book Club today about how I came to write this trilogy about girls having fun adventures around big cities. I've had so much fun writing these books, and I hope people have had just as much fun reading them.

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