Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February!

I am trying to like February more than I have in the past. It's always a tough month for me, because my body is ready for more daylight. I long for less rain and more sun. And when February rolls around, it starts to feel like the grayness and the rain will never leave, and it can make me kind of cranky.

But I also believe that so much of how things go is partly influenced by our attitude at the outset. So today I'm trying hard to say - hooray, February is here! Can you see that pained smile on my face as I say it? Maybe I just need to fake it 'til I make it - that's what I'm trying out, I guess. We'll see if it makes a difference this year.

Kind of related - did y'all see this list of goals that author Octavia Butler made years ago? (Sorry, sometimes I just become Tami Taylor for no good reason. Texas Forever, y'all.) Anyway, Octavia Butler is the Queen of Goals, for sure. What's that saying - Believe it then you will see it? Mkay, I'm gonna believe February will be awesome and hopefully it will be so. If halfway through I give up and just want to curl up into a ball and have a Friday Night Lights marathon, well, at least I tried.

If I had my way, I'd just go to Maui for the whole month of February and be done with it. Now THAT would definitely affect a change in my attitude. (Here is a picture of me hiking through a bamboo forest a few years ago). Ahhhh... I miss you, Maui.

January wrapped up with with more good news. THE BRIDGE FROM ME made another list - it's a nominee for Iowa's teen book award. Thanks to the librarians there!

I have a bunch of promo work to do this month to get ready for the release of THE GIRL IN THE TOWER. (Speaking of which - if you're on Goodreads, there is a giveaway for FIVE Advanced copies. But hurry, it ends Friday!) And I need to start writing a contracted book that's due in a few months. So it will be a busy one, but it's all good. I'm constantly reminded how fortunate I am to be doing this writing thing for a living. Yes, there are frustrations and heartaches, but there are also celebrations around books and reading - two things I've loved my whole life. To be a part of the business of putting books in the hands of kids and teens is pretty incredible.

I'm wishing y'all a wonderful February. Eat lots of chocolate which the shelves are full of right now. I've heard it helps.

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