Thursday, October 29, 2015

New York City in Photos

 We went to New York City a couple of weeks ago. I thought I might share some photos I took. It was a fabulous trip. I had lunch with my editors, saw some great plays, ate some delicious food. My husband went with me and it's the first vacation we've had together without kids in like 20 years. So yeah, it was wonderful.
Beautiful Flatiron Building
Hey, that's one of my publishers!

The trunk that carried the first Harry Potter books to the U.S.

Inside the Scholastic Building

Sunset from Top of the Rock
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Pretty view during a chilly Central Park walk

The best scone I've ever had

My husband at his birthday dinner

One of the plays we saw - it was so good!

Found one of my books at the gorgeous NY Public Library

Now I'm back and hard at work! Happy almost November!!

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