Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cavalcade of Authors West

It's been a week and a half since I've been back from this fabulous event, but I have so much going on in May, I haven't posted about it yet. Shame on me! So here's a quick rundown.

First of all, Cavalcade of Authors has been an annual event in the Tri-cities, Washington for a while now. I went a few years ago, and had a really great time, and met SUCH wonderful people, I was ready to move there. I kid you not. But my husband has a pretty good job here and my kids don't want to move, so you know, we didn't do that. But I loved my time there!

When a group of librarians and parents decided to bring a similar event to the west side of Washington this year, they asked if I might like to participate as an author and of course I said YES!

Junior and senior high kids sign up to attend three workshops put on by authors in the morning. Doesn't that sound amazing? I mean, honestly, I kind of want to go next year and be a student and go to three of the sessions!

The authors also took turns doing panels where we answered questions from the audience. Here I am with my panel: Marissa Meyer (THE LUNAR CHRONICLES),  Richelle Mead, (VAMPIRE ACADEMY) and Terry Trueman (STUCK IN NEUTRAL). Can you believe that? I was like looking around me going, dang, is this really my life???

I didn't take many pictures - but here's another one with my good bud Kim Derting (THE BODY FINDER, THE TAKING, etc.)

After lunch, the kids are able to buy books and t-shirts and get them signed by the authors.

If you ever get a chance to go one of these Cavalcade of Author events, you should totally go! It's a great, great time!

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