Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Diary of a writer 1/22/14

Sometimes when you're in the middle of the draft, the hardest part is just opening the document and diving in. There is so much fear when you're drafting. I've learned over the years it's part of the process, and you just have to push through it or past it or whatever.

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In case you can't read my handwriting:

There is always

Fear that it's not good enough.
Fear that you're not good enough.
Fear that it will all be for nothing.
Fear that no one will like it.
Fear that it's all wrong.

You have to push the fear away
    with all your might.

Open the document
and tell yourself
    I can do this.

Because you CAN!
Because you are BRAVE!

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  1. Wow, Mrs.Schroeder. This entry was really enjoyable....I'm not sure about the feeling of opening the document, but I guess I will soon, since I'm trying to get published!