Saturday, August 20, 2011

Only one more month!!

Today is August 20th, which means, just one more month until this book comes out!!!

I didn't have a second book planned. But when so many readers e-mailed me, asking if there would be another book, I decided to write one. This book is my gift to all of the fans of It's Raining Cupcakes, and I can't wait for you to read it!

If you are planning on getting it when it comes out, it would actually help me out a lot if you went to your local book store and pre-ordered it in the next couple of weeks. This means you buy it now, and when it comes in, they let you know it's in, and you have your very own copy, guaranteed. If a book gets a lot of pre-orders (at a bookstore), that's a good thing for an author, and they are likely to order more copies than they usually do. I've heard many people are saddened by the closing of Borders. The truth is, if we want book stores to stay in business, we must support them.

Anyway, I know some kids have been waiting a long time for September 20th to get here. I'm so happy it's almost here!! In a few weeks, I'll be announcing a special SURPRISE for everyone who gets the book and reads it in the first few weeks. There will be a special question you answer, via e-mail, and when you do, I send you something really fun!!

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  1. Absolutely love the new blog header!! So adorable!