Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How about some cuteness

I was looking up how to spell lhasapoo for a tweet (because I can never remember) and came across these ADORABLE pictures. I mean, so cute, right?

We recently found a lump on Stormy's leg. So we took her in to the vet, they took a sample and then sent it away to the lab. Monday afternoon, I had a message from the vet's office. It seriously took me about 3 hours to get up the nerve to listen to it. Thankfully, it was good news. The lump appears to be a benign fatty tumor, which is fairly common in dogs, I guess. They tested the sample at the vet's office, but there was so much blood, which concerned the vet a little bit, and they couldn't really get a good reading, so they had to send it out just to be sure.

Here she is, having fun in the snow (two years ago).

Love that dog so much!


  1. So glad it was good news and thanks for sharing the cuteness!

  2. Your doggy is so precious. Glad to hear it was just a fatty tumor. I had two dogs pass away because of cancer. It was so sad.

  3. Adorable! I want one!

    Glad to hear that your dog is okay. Animal health scares are just as bad as human ones!

  4. Oh so cute! I love little dogs. They inspire the same type of feelings in me as babies, ha!

    Hope your 2011 is off to a great start!!