Wednesday, November 18, 2009


All of this talk about NCTE and ALAN makes me sad I'm not going. Have fun those of you who are!

So, I will try to focus on the positive today, which is this:

Yesterday I got word from my editor that FAR FROM YOU is one of seven S&S titles that made the 2010 Texas TAYSHAS List for Teens!


I suddenly feel the need to go out and buy some cute cowboy boots. I've always wanted red cowboy boots!

Anyway, I'm so incredibly psyched about my book being on this list, I can't even tell you. So a big THANK YOU to the committee for selecting my book out of all of those you had to choose from.

The list hasn't actually been updated yet, so I can't share the link, but hopefully it will be soon. Congratulations to all the others who made the list as well!


  1. That is really Wonderful news!!! Doing Snoopy Happy dance for you! :-) Yes, do celebrate with those red boots!!!! Have them gift-wrapped unless you wear them immediately! LOL

  2. I once owned red cowboy boots. They will definitely give you attitude!

  3. cowboy boots? Cute! I have a pair of brown & blue that I LOVE! Red would be fun

    Congrats on the news! ;o)

  4. Congrats Lisa! My grad school is in Texas, so I hear about the Tayshas all the time.

  5. SOO happy for you! (I thought about "Yee-Hawing" along with you, but I think I'm too much of a Southern Californian to pull that off. :)