Sunday, May 3, 2020

Chapter 21 Read Aloud - KEYS TO THE CITY

This read-aloud is done with permission from my publisher, Scholastic! Description of KEYS TO THE CITY: Right before school ends, Lindy's 7th grade class gets a summer assignment: to find their "true passion." Something they love and they're good at. Something special. Their thing. So much for a relaxing summer. Then some new friends offer to help Lindy explore the city and go on adventures to find her passion. Lindy isn't sure it'll work but New York is a big place. If the city can help Lindy unlock her potential, maybe the key to the perfect summer will be hers after all... A new chapter will be uploaded every OTHER day. Thanks for watching! Please support authors and bookstores as much as you can right now. A list of my other novels for kids can be found at Bookshop, a new site that supports authors and independent bookstores, a fantastic alternative to Amazon!

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